We don’t need MOOCs! We need QUAAACs!!!


Duct Tape Uni - hard at work in Bristol

Duct Tape Uni – hard at work in Bristol

Mick and Hilary from the Duct Tape Uni team are in Bristol at the moment at the JISC SOSI summer school doing a bit of work on the communications around this and we have come up with an interesting way of explaining the project in a nutshell.

Instead of creating MOOCs (think slow moving cows), Duck Tape University will help projects to create QUAAACs

QUAAACs are Quick User-led Accessible Adaptable Academic Communities.

Are you a Quack-a-demic?



QUAAACs are small, domain specific, community created mini-repositories which can act as a user-friendly front-end to larger repositories like Jorum, FLOSS Manuals and other OER from diverse sources.

QUAAACs are fun, accessible ways of experimenting with the advantages of networked learning and the power of using Open Educational Resources within an environment of quality control and reflective practice.

QUAAACs use a co-design process to work with a fledgling community of use (e.g. a University department, a subject-specific project or an existing learning community) to create a resource sharing tool that is large enough to be flexible but small enough to find what you need by browsing or searching.

QUAAACs embody the way of the web (think feet). They find it easy to fly between sites and they use lightweight flexible metadata solutions like LRMI to help them to be found by other Quaac-heads.

QUAAACs encourage the use of open licences and OER in a pragmatic and safe way. They allow a teaching institutions to profit from disparately licenced and located materials.

So if you want to take part in creating the world’s first QUAAAC in Manchester- see this post – or keep informed on the OER-Discuss email list.

The Quack Pub in Easton (full of Quack heads?)

The Quack Pub in Easton (full of Quack heads?)